28th UK Adhesion Society Meeting 2016


The Force is Awake: Integrins and beyond


September 22, 2016

University College London

Darwin Building, London WC1E 6BT


You can download the program here


10.00     Registration & Coffee and Poster setup


10.20     Welcome


10.30     Martin Humphries, University of Manchester

How adhesion complexes are remodelled prior to mitosis



11.00     Robert Beal, Queen Mary University of London

JAM-C deficiency primes endothelial cells for a pro-inflammatory state


11.15     Silvia Dragoni, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Endothelial cell MAP kinases induce an inflammatory state and mediate VE-cadherin internalisation during lymphocyte transmigration


11.30     Andy Newman, Cardiff School of Medicine

The regulation of L-selectin activity by proteolysis


11.45     Myriam Chimen, University of Birmingham

Differtinal capacity of monocytes subsets to form foam cells in the healthy and patients with arterial disease


Integrin signalling

12.00     Dr Susanna Fagerholm, University of Helsinki

                Beta2-integrins in immunity: new roles for old players


12.30     Lunch & Poster Viewing


14.15     Samuel Atkinson, University of East Anglia

The role of integrin beta 3 in the endothelial cell adhesome


14.30     Ioannis Xanthis, University of Sheffield

Calcium signalling in endothelial cells exposed to flow involves mechanical activation of β1-integrins


14.45     Ben Goult, University of Kent

Emerging role for talin as a mechanosensitive signalling platform


15.00     Koval Smith, Imperial College London

The Jedi and the Force collide: vWF regulates synthesis of angiopoietin-2 via a 3 integrin pathway



15.15     Jim Norman, University of Glasgow

                A role for Ephrin receptor trafficking in cell:cell repulsion and pancreatic cancer metastasis


15.45     Tea Break


16.05     Esther Castellano, Bart Cancer Institute, QMUL

                RAS-PI3K signalling regulates cell adhesion in lung tumours


16.20     Dylan Edwards, University of East Anglia

                ADAMTS metalloproteinases regulate mammary cancer cell adhesion and migration via Syndecan-4


16.35     Victoria Juskaite, Imperial College London

                Collagen induces activation of DDRS through lateral association of receptors


16.50     Pernille Søgaard, University of Oxford

Signalling through the collagen receptor, DDR1, is required for epithelial polarisation and morphological remodelling in 3D matrices


17.05     Erik Sahai, The Francis Crick Institute

                Stromal fibroblasts, the ECM, and cancer progression


17.35     Concluding Remark and Poster Prize


Drinks and tapas.



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