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Cardiff University School of Medicine

Postdoctoral Research Associate (T lymphocyte homing to cancers)

 Salary:  £32,004 – £38,318 p.a.

Start date: available from 1st September 2017

Duration: 3 years

Funder: Cancer Research UK

Unravelling T cell trafficking and cancer immunotherapy

Tumour immunotherapy has progressed significantly in recent years with improved understanding of how to boost the normally weak immune response to tumours. Nevertheless, there is considerable need for more improvements to ensure this form of treatment is more widely and effectively applied. Successful immunotherapy depends on immune cells, such as killer T lymphocytes, becoming activated and homing to the tumour. However, tumour blood vessels limit entry of T lymphocytes to the tumour. Our studies of T lymphocyte trafficking in virus infection have generated a novel concept in protective immunity. Specifically, re-expression of L-selectin on early stage cytotoxic T cells is required for efficient recruitment from the bloodstream into infected organs in order to clear virus). Moreover, T cells which do not downregulate L-selectin on activation (L-selectin enhanced) are better able to clear virus due to increased recruitment into virus-infected tissues (

This CR-UK funded post will determine whether enhanced L-selectin could be used for in cancer immunotherapy; novel findings will be tested in human T cells for rapid translation to the clinic. Candidates will have a PhD in a relevant biomedical research area, such as infection and immunity, cell biology or tumour immunology and a solid track record of research and academic achievement. Candidates with experience in leucocyte homing, vascular biology or imaging and are highly motivated to work in a competitive biomedical area are encouraged to apply. The candidate will join the Cancer Immunology Group whose members are working on complementary approaches to cancer immunotherapy such as vaccination, checkpoint blockade inhibition and manipulating the cancer microvenvironment.

Informal enquires may be addressed to Dr Ann Ager, email:

Closing date:  31st August 2017  







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